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Delivery terms

Please pay attention to the present chapter
Milena Foldová - Květiny Bella (hereinafter only referred to as Supplier) Ovenecka 22, Prague 7 COMPANY ID NO.: 13815598 VAT REGISTRATION ID: 011-6659030719

  1. General provisions
    The delivery terms below for deliveries of flowers via the Internet at the website are an inseparable part of all concluded contracts with a client.
    • - Protection of data - all information about the sender and the recipient are protected by the Data Protection Act and will not be disclosed to a third party. The recipient is never informed about the sender in case the sender explicitly wishes so, which will be made by his/her identification on the enclosed card.
  2. Prices of goods
    Prices of goods and transport are given inclusive of VAT. Prices of cut flowers can differ slightly during the year in dependence on the season. The price after making an order will not be changed. The price for deliveries within Prague is CZK 195. The price for deliveries outside Prague is CZK 300. We only deliver flowers outside Prague in the amount exceeding CZK 750.
  3. Making orders
    We receive orders through our website, by phone, by fax, in writing or personally. Every order has to include:
    • kind of goods
    • delivery term (date and hour)
    • name, address and telephone of the recipient
    • name, address and telephone of the client
    An order is binding and is deemed to be completed after full payment of the price of goods and transport. The contract is completed by delivery of goods to the recipient. The goods shown at the website can demonstrate minor visual differences compared to the supplied goods, according to the assortment. In no case does it concern the quality of the supplied goods. We always provide the best quality. The supplier is entitled to minor changes of the contents of a bouquet if necessary. The change will not concern the size, color and appearance of the used material. You can enclose a card with your own text to the delivery free of charge. The form for making an order and filling in the data about the sender and the recipient can be found as a scrolling window.
  4. Payments
    Price for delivery of flowers:
    • Mon - Sun (including bank holidays) in Prague - CZK 195 from 8 a.m. till 10 p.m.
    • Mon - Fri outside Prague CZK 300
    The price is added to the price of goods. In case of online order this is done automatically. The delivery will be made after full payment.
    Methods of payment:
    • online by a credit card - latest secured system 3D Secure
    • via bank transfer to bank account ČS a.s.13389/0800 - please send the bank transfer statement to fax no. 284 693 354 or by e-mail to
    • by credit cards in our shops
    • by a postal order to our address - please send the voucher to fax no. 284 693 354 or by e-mail
    • in cash in our shops
    • upon an invoice (only for regular clients)
  5. Delivery term
    Orders are received daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. including Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays We will deliver the goods after receipt of a completed order at the client's request; in Prague in 3 hours, outside Prague not sooner than in 12 hours. Deliveries outside Prague during weekends have to be consulted in advance. The supplier is not responsible for delay or cancellation of an order in case the client states wrong or non-existing name or address of the recipient. In case of absence of the recipient, the supplier will notify the client and the supplier will try to delivery the order at alternative time, but not later than in 24 hours after the first one. In case the delivery is not taken over by the recipient even at the alternative time (without any mistake by the supplier), the delivery is considered to be executed. The recipient confirms by his/her signature the delivery receipt at delivery of the flowers.
  6. Complaints
    The quality or the amount of goods can be complaint of only at the takeover of a delivery with regards to the assortment with short life. In case of justified complaint, the recipient is entitled to replacement of goods or termination of the contract. By making the order, the client agrees to the conditions above.

We will answer your questions and wishes at phone number 603 117 535

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