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- since 1990


Payments terms

First of all, please pay due attention to the chapter "Deliver Terms" on the right on the upper bar.

Prices for deliveries:

  • in Prague CZK 195
  • outside Prague CZK 300 - we receive orders with deliveries outside Prague in the amount of at least CZK 750
  • enclosed card with your own text free of charge

Payment methods:

  • online by a credit card - the latest and secure system 3D Secure, protected by the SSL protocol Before you pay online, please check suitability of your card for this method of payment in your bank. After making an online order you finish shopping on the right on the upper bar - end of shopping, you fill in the sender's data and the recipient's data and select the payment method to be online by a credit card. Check your order and fill in the type of your card (VISA, Master). You will be connected to our bank, where you fill in the card number, term of validity without slash and the CVV code which is to be found on the reverse side of the card in the white strip above the signature (3 to 4-digit number). In a couple of seconds you will be notified of the result of the transaction. If the payment is successful, your order is completed.
  • via bank transfer - account no. 13389/0800, variable symbol will be the number of your order. In case of an urgent order, please send the payment order by fax to 284 693 354 or by e-mail to
  • by postal order - see bank transfer or to the address Květiny BELLA Letenské náměstí 38, Prague 7, 170 00
  • upon an invoice - only for registered clients and company clients upon previous agreement by phone 603 444 347
  • in a shop - you can also pay by your credit card
  • Tel: hot line  603 117 535, 603 444 347  
    Prodejna:  603 117 535  
    Číslo účtu:  13389/0800
    IBAN: CZ77 0800 0000 0000 0001 3389

We will be glad to give you more information as phone number 603 444 347, 603 117 535, 222 714 636

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